Wednesday, September 2, 2009

GM i.e. Genetically Modified crops needs urgent attention

Don't get surprised if you find a GM Brinjal on your platter; Aah! rather you won’t be able to distinguish between GM and natural brinjal, it will be served and you will eat it… mind you; but it is not going to be matter of your choice.
In India we do not have an organized distribution system, and, this is a major hurdle in introduction of labeling system for GM foods.
I don’t mean that introducing labeling system will put consumers in a win-win situation, but, it may at least offer us right to choose. A Greenpeace activist told me that we do not have a legal framework to address the issue of GM crops. And, if GM crops enter our country (I won’t dare to say that that are yet to…) we will be treated as lab rats.
Supporters of GM technology and GM seeds developers claim that it is a safe technology, and, environmentalists claim it is not. Whom should we believe?
Don’t you think that precaution is always better than cure?

I have written about this issue long back, attaching that article here for reference, just an introductory article... may help you think further.

- Reshma